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Kirsty Duncan - Professional Singer

Creating a musical memory...

Concerts for All

Update  - December 2019

In early 2019, Kirsty decided to start a Concert Series that would be open to all, and attendance wouldn't depend on a person's financial situation. The Concerts would be 'Pay what you feel' - which means people give donations!

As a Professional Singer, Kirsty has to make money from her Concerts but she hoped that people would give generously so all in their community could attend, and that concerts could continue regularly - and that is exactly what has happened! 

At the time of writing, Kirsty has put on 8 Concerts so far, in 3 venues across Renfrewshire. She is in talks with many other venues, and hopes to have regular concerts throughout 2020 (Unfortunately this didn't happen because of the Covid 19 Pandemic). If you are interested in this concept then please come along and support these Concerts!

She is working with other musicians and singers to make the Concerts varied!

The reason why Kirsty decided to take the leap into organising Concerts is because she realised that she had an audience in various locations in Renfrewshire because of her work with ROAR (Reaching Older Adults in Renfrewshire) Lunch Clubs, which she has been singing as a Soloist for for 2 years, and was introduced to ROAR when her choir was asked to sing for their Lunch Clubs many years ago.

She was aware that there are not many concerts going on in those communities (particularly aimed at the older generations) so she decided to start some!